As a Sister to women around the world, and more specifically to the women in Guyana, I solemnly swear to uphold my fellow Sisters each and every day. I will not shy away from offering words of comfort to Sisters who are heavy-hearted. I will be bold in exultation when my Sisters triumph. I will lift my Sisters up every chance I get and I will never speak words or use actions to humiliate or disgrace them.

I refuse to contribute to the patriarchal paradigm by demeaning my Sisters. I will respect myself and my Sisters for the persons we are inside. I will not objectify myself or my Sisters in deference to social expectations. I have the potential to be whatever my wildest dreams desire – and so do my Sisters. I will encourage my Sisters to recognise their potential and continuously strive for their dreams.

I reject all notions of females as second-class citizens and declare that women are capable agents for the sustainment and advancement of humanity. I further assert that one gender should not have power over the other gender, but that women and men should lead the world together in unison and equality to address the pressing issues facing humankind. This is when we will see humanity at its best.

I vow to support and serve my Sisters. If my Sister needs a shoulder to cry on, I will provide it. If my Sister needs some wise advice, I will do my best. If my Sister needs to dance with joy, I will dance. If my Sister needs protection, I will protect. If my Sister needs an ear to listen, I will listen. If my Sister needs someone to love her, I will love her.

I join with my Sisters and promise to support and serve them as together we build a Sisterhood of strong women, hand-in-hand, ready to face the world.


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